Your Business
Needs Attention​

We help startups address their need for accounting & compliance in an affordable, sustainable and transparent manner.

Our specialized 1 year program holds your hand for a full year and builds your capacity to run your business effectively and compliant with all laws and regulations applicable to you.

Get the right numbers about your business for better decision making

Improve work productivity through efficient internal processes

Discern the complexities of tax and corporate laws, or leave them to us

Gain visibility and build your network in the global ecosystem

We are your
Competitive Advantage

Signing up with us is like buying trainer wheels for your business.

You get the enjoyment of running your business without the stress of falling off, as we keep you stable and always moving forward. At the same time, your business develops the institutional memory it needs to continue ahead without the hand-holding.

Tasks Processed
Statups Onboard
Combined Team Experience

Pricing & Services

We have a very transparent pricing structure and service plan.

Rs. 10000
Paid in 4 quarterly installments

The first installment of Rs. 12,500 is charged at the time of engagement and provides you access to the full range of services for a year, including our (upcoming) business management portal. Subsequent years are charged as mutually decided based on the growth of the startup.